Hennessy Catholic College Yearbook 2022

The Queen’s passing threw a spanner in the works for our Graduation Mass plans, however, a beautiful and meaningful mass was held on the night of the Graduation dinner. The launch of our CSYMA (Catholic Schools Youth Ministry Australia) program displayed our fabulous students who wanted to not only connect with their faith but lead others in their faith journeys. To 'learn dynamically' has been demonstrated throughout our engaging classrooms, however also throughout our Pastoral Care program. Our Student Wellbeing Sessions have included topics such as resilience, study skills, goal setting and inter-house competitions all thoughtfully prepared by the House Leaders. We were able to push through some tough talk with the Cyber Safety Project and our use of devices, listened to Choicez give us some guidance on healthy relationships, learnt about resilience with a visit from Troubie, and work with local community ventures such as Rotary and our Police Youth Engagement officer who assisted in the delivery of the DARE and Love Bites program. Our camps and excursions came back in full swing and we became more connected with our year levels and House groups as the year progressed. 'Acting Justly' is in the nature of our College. Students regularly attended the Young North Food van, assisted and volunteered at Vinnies, raised funds and awareness for their Winter and Christmas appeals and worked extremely hard to raise over $1000 for CARITAS during Lent through many activities. Students created their own socks for Socktober and drew on moustaches for Movember all while understanding that loving thy neighbour is the true form of acting justly. The year ends as the first in three years without a lockdown. I have enjoyed every minute of walking alongside the staff, students and families and am proud of our Hennessy community who are truly 'inspiring futures of hope'.

Mary Wright Assistant Principal - Mission and Wellbeing

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