Hennessy Catholic College Yearbook 2022

A well-informed subject selection process ensures that their transition to Year 11 and 12 and beyond is as smooth and successful as possible.

Year 10 Work experience Thankfully, Year 10 students were able to go on their one-week work experience program at the end of Term 4 and many students took the opportunity to go further afield including the Academy of Music and Performing Arts (AMPA) in Sydney, the Canberra Theatre, the accounting giant, Ernst and Young, just to name a few. As always, the local tradies are a popular choice, and we appreciate their ongoing support. The feedback from host employers about our students was really positive and we are grateful to all employers, both local and away, who willingly take the time to nurture and guide our young people. Year 10 – Future Focus days Just before their work experience week, Year 10 students were also engaged in a series of workshops and presentations focusing on their transition to Year 11 and 12 in 2023. Two of our local parents, Mr. Lance Harrison (Autoplus Driving School) and Mr. Bernard Maloney (Watson Toyota) presented sessions about safer driving and buying a car, while Mr. Paul Reilly and our ex-student ‘gappie’, Ethan Smith, both from Back 2 Back Financial Planning, spoke about saving and investing. Over the two days students also learned about some of the study tools for Year 11 and had a great time playing lawn bowls and scavenger hunting. The students finished a jam-packed week on Friday with a ‘giving back’ activity where they cleaned the church grounds and gardens, baked Christmas cookies and hand-crafted Christmas cards for the residents of Southern Cross Care. Part time, casual jobs and apprenticeships Despite the impact of the pandemic on local businesses, there have been lots of part time and casual jobs advertised for students of all ages. It is encouraging to see our students willing and able to secure employment and gain really important employability skills that will give them a real head start and stay with them for the future. It is also wonderful to walk into a local store and see a smiling Hennessy face behind the counter or at the checkout. Several older students also secured apprenticeships or traineeships and left the College in 2022. Leaving Hennessy is, no doubt a difficult decision for students and parents, but my experience is that it can be both positive and productive and I am always relieved to see our fine young men and women in a new light,

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