Hennessy Catholic College Yearbook 2022


Bigger kids, big expectations, new lessons, and faces - there is no doubt that starting High School can be exciting, as well as slightly daunting and intimidating! Peer Support helps ease the Year 7 students into life at Hennessy Catholic College, as well as teaching them valuable lessons, and forming friendships. The Year 7 and Year 10 class of 2022 were able to experience Peer Support during their first term at Hennessy Catholic College.

Whilst learning valuable life lessons, the Year 10 students developed leadership skills, and had the opportunity to teach the Year 7 students about building friendships; distinguishing between the right and wrong in situations; and anti-bullying concepts. Students were able to form friendship connections amongst fellow peers who they may not usually interact with, and their Peer Support Leaders. Furthermore, students also participated in fun team building activities involving the “weekly skills'' taught by Peer Support Leaders. These activities included: practical round robin games organised by Year 10 Peer Support Sport Organisers, designing anti-bullying posters, a “King and Queen”dress up competition using toilet paper, making themselves into toilet paper mummies, duck duck goose, capture the flag, big ball and much more! Developing and building relationships, allows the Year 7 students to enjoy high school, and understand that they are not alone in facing high school issues. It allows students to understand different perspectives of how to deal with certain situations, and helps both year groups learn valuable lessons, whilst having fun. To wrap up the end of peer support, during the last day as a reward we had a massive competitive easter egg hunt! (Whichever group found the most eggs won extra chocolate). Overall, Peer Support helps guide Year 7 students through their first steps into Hennessy Catholic College. Helping them to build friendships, distinguish the right and wrong in situations, develop familiarity with school and peers, whilst also having fun. It allows the Year 10 students to become leaders, develop organisation, prioritising and leadership skills helping them to step up into the senior years of school. This was a fun and rewarding experience for both the 2022 Peer support leaders and year 7 students. Camden Cummins, Stuart McEvoy & Jasmine Sullivan, Year 10 Peer Support Leaders, 2022.

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