Hennessy Catholic College Yearbook 2022


NANO NAGLE COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARDS This award is presented to students who commit themselves to servant leadership, who engages in a number of community service activities and who demonstrate a commitment to social justice. Brianee Taylor Trysta Willoughby THE COURTNEY THOMPSON INDIVIDUAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Donated by the Thompson family, is in memory of their daughter Courtney. This award is presented to a student who has persevered to overcome adversity. Samuel Fuller THE NICHOLAS DEWAR MEMORIAL ENDEAVOUR AWARD Donated by the Class 2017 in memory of their classmate Nicholas. This award is presented to a student in Year 12 for consistent effort and application over their senior years of studies. Additionally, the student demonstrates accomplishments in a co-curricular pursuit. Emma Collins LEXIE ADAM MEMORIAL AWARD Generosity and support to their peers; demonstrates enthusiastic community spirit. Dedication to representing Hennessy through sporting achievements. always encouraging others. Nicholas Loutitt AUSTRALIAN DEFENCE FORCE ACADEMY - LONG TAN AWARD FOR YOUTH LEADERSHIP This award is presented to a student who displays youth leadership Ximing Xia

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