Hennessy Catholic College Yearbook 2022

What a fantastic year for our staff and students in the Religious Education Department! 2022 saw the first year of the full implementation of our new Religious Education curriculum in years 7-10, with students having a new focus on world religions, social justice, and the history of the Catholic Faith. A huge thank you to our hardworking team of teachers who have gone above and beyond to help their students make Jesus known and loved in our community. The teachers on our amazing 2022 Religious Education team were Miss Jessica Buchanan, Miss Emily Rogers, Miss Emily Coffee, Mrs Leonie Hill, Mr Peter Igoe Taylor, Mrs Elizabeth Igoe-Taylor, Mr Simon Quinn, Mrs Mary Wright and Mr Luke In their first year of High School, the Year 7 cohort explored the fundamentals of our Catholic faith. In Semester 1, students learnt about our Parish community, considered the ways that they can participate in the faith life of Hennessy, explored the lives of our College Patrons, and took a deep dive into the lives of Jesus and the Apostles, focusing on the message of love and mercy. Semester 2 saw Year 7 explore the major beliefs and rituals of the Catholic faith, the common good and living a good life. A Year 7 highlight has been the involvement of the cohort in the faith life of the Hennessy and Parish communities. Year 8 Year 8 saw the continuation of their religious studies with a deep dive into Abrahamic religions, purpose of faith and the workings of the Holy Spirit. Semester 1 saw students explore prayer and liturgy with them designing their own Mass on 'Living Spiritually', Hennessy’s theme for 2022. The common history shared between Christianity, Judaism and Islam, exploring the different covenants between God and his people over time was studied in Term 2 with it being continued into Term 3 with a specific focus on the mission of the Church and the development of faith in the Middle Ages. The hands-on learning activities where students have designed objects and presentations to highlight the development of faith have been a highlight of Year 8 2022. Year 9 Year 9 Religious Education classes have shown their knowledge in some interesting and fun ways in 2022. This year students studied the key beliefs of the Catholic faith and considered how these beliefs in the Paschal Mystery and the Sacraments can provide hope and healing in current day events. Catholic Social Teachings were explored through a range of social justice issues relevant to teenagers. Miller. Year 7

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