Hennessy Catholic College Yearbook 2022

Year 9 expanded their knowledge with understanding the similarities and differences of a variety of world religion core beliefs. A highlight of the year has been making a memory box for a significant Catholic figure who fought for justice in the 19th century. Year 10 Year 10 continued their studies of World Religions, taking on topics relevant to the world today and explored Jesus’ message of love in present world events. Students broadened their knowledge of world religions through consideration of life's big questions, “Who is God? '', “What is the purpose of life?” and “What is my responsibility to others?”. Semester 2 saw students explore the topic of ecology and consider ways that scripture and church teachings can provide a framework for moral living. A major highlight of the year has been the amazing class discussions about how faith can bring joy and hope into our lives, and how current events can be addressed through the lens of faith. Year 11 In the first year of their senior studies, our Year 11 Studies of Religion students have explored the impact of religion and beliefs on contemporary society. Through studying Christianity and Islam, students saw these religions as dynamic. Students developed their understanding and critical awareness of the nature and significance of religion, and the influence of belief systems and traditions on individuals and society. Students have examined the key features of Indigenous spirituality, Islam and Christianity and explored how each tradition provides a distinctive answer to the enduring questions of human existence. Year 12 In their final year of high school, Year 12 students studied Studies of Religion (SOR) or Studies in Catholic Thought. Students in both courses explored how religion responds to the key questions of the human experience. Through their studies, students evaluated the significance of religion and the influence of belief systems and religious traditions on individuals and society. In SOR, students have explored the topics of Religion in Australia, and the ideas, practices, significant figures, and ethics of Islam and Christianity. A major highlight of the year was visiting the Lakemba Mosque in Sydney during the Year 12 excursion.

Jessica Buchanan Religious Education KLA Leader

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