Hennessy Catholic College Yearbook 2022


Our English staff have been privileged to journey with our students and their families throughout 2022. We wish all our teachers, students and families a safe, happy and holy Christmas season.

Patricia Stadtmiller English KLA Leader

SINCE. That view was observed through the eyes of a person many models ago, A time in which the memories of are like old films, moving images you see once every ten years; Such pure nostalgia and sentimentality. So familiar those memories, yet so, so foreign. I cannot go there again, Not until that view is just a view And that window is merely a fragment; a memory of the person that once was. Not until that view is just a view, And she is merely someone from a past that has been healed and closed.

(Excerpt from “since.” Cybele Hewitt - Accelerated English Advanced Year 11 Student)

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