Hennessy Catholic College Yearbook 2022

HSIE Anzac Day Writing Competition

Their Sacrifice - Cybele Hewitt Michael McCormack, Cybele Hewitt, Sonika Brits, Juliet O’Brien, Sarah Miller

Four walls; four more than they had. Clean clothes; cleaner than they had. Warm food; warmer than they had. Safe borders; safer than they had. Peace; because of their sacrifice. Education; because of their sacrifice. Stability, security, shelter; because of their sacrifice. Our country; because of their sacrifice. One day, one hour … For the years they spent in the trenches, For all the men that did not make it, Just one day; surely we can do that?

We must remember their hearts, their souls, their spirits, We must remember their mothers, their fathers, their fallen brothers, We must remember the soil and countries in which they still lay, We must remember their spirits. They were our soldiers - they were our ANZACS. They sacrificed their dreams, their lives- For their family, their mates, our country and us. A sacrifice for peace. So, when you hear the silence, When you feel at peace, When you laugh or spend time with loved ones, Remember their sacrifice - remember them.

There was a flame within - A flame that sparked a journey,

A journey of their being - soul and heart, A journey that has allowed us never to have to cross such a bridge.

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