Hennessy Catholic College Yearbook 2022

T A S / V E T R E P O R T

In TAS/VET we have studied a variety of different topics and built or made a whole range of things.

Yr 7 Tech Students worked on Skylap where they designed and built their own balsa wood planes that when completed will fly around a powered anchor. This will give them the opportunity to test the height and speed of their plane then review, redesign and remodel to see if their modifications have improved performance of their plane.

In Agriculture/Food unit students hatched chickens, monitored growth and utilised the eggs from the chickens with tasty recipes.

Yr 7 Information Technology Students complete basic block coding each term. Once they have the mastery of basic block coding (Programming 300) they apply this knowledge to coding and flying Drones. They also learn touch typing and they spend some time researching the history of Technology and write a peel paragraph about flying drones and block coding.

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