Hennessy Catholic College Yearbook 2022

Yr 9/10 Food Tech The 2 classes of Year 9/10 Food Tech had a busy and productive year, with their weekly cooking class (their favourite) and working through the theory components of each unit. Highlights included the decorating of their celebration cakes, with a fantastic variety of beautifully decorated birthday cakes being judged by Mrs Holding to determine who was the prize patissier in the college. The highlights of Semester 2 included students from the classes being the main helpers for the Leadership Lunch, a role usually given to Hospitality students who were out on Work Placement, and the designing and production of an interesting brunch menu. The latter saw many and varied meals being enjoyed including Frittata Burgers, Choc Berry Pancakes, Mars Bars Croissants, Salmon Bagel Sandwiches and Skillet Baked Eggs. No wasted calories at all! Yr 9/10 Ag Motivated team of students, fully engaged in Australian successful enterprises including egg layer production, wheat production, prime lamb production. The students have completed growth trials on each enterprise. The highlight is raising prime lambs from day old, to sale, including shearing.

T A S / V E T R E P O R T

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