Hennessy Catholic College Yearbook 2022

Yr 11 & 12 Hospo (HSC) The class continued to study the 2nd year of Certificate II in Kitchen Operations. While completing this course the students studied units such as Prepare Dishes using Basic Methods of Cookery, Use Cookery Skills Effectively, Prepare Dishes Using Basic Methods of Cookery Yr 11 VET Construction The practical work completed by the Year 11 Construction students began with an Oil Stone Box. With this project measuring and marking are very important along with the controlled use of a router. The next project was a plywood toolbox including drawers in the bottom. A pair of sawhorses was the next project. Compound cutting on the drop saw and some precise chiseling were required here. The last project was a group project, being two picnic tables for the College playground. Yr 11 VET IT Senior VET IT is a brand new course at the College. Students are completing a Certificate III in IT, as well as being able to complete the NESA accredited HSC course. Areas of focus include innovation, safety, cybersecurity, working in the industry, along with computer hardware, operating systems and cloud computing. Yr 11 & 12 Timber Year 12 students have finished their Folio and Major Project with some amazing pieces of furniture that they can proudly place in their homes. Our new year 12 class have started their planning and preparation for their Major Project.

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