Hennessy Catholic College Yearbook 2022

PDHPE 2022

Overview of 7-10 PDHPE in 2022

Year 7 PDH - Personal identity, challenges, seeking help, relationships, rights and responsibilities, communication, bullying, health, fitness, nutrition, puberty and health products and services. PE - Initiative games, gymnastics, creative dance, fitness, lifelong physical activity, hockey, softball and lacrosse. Year 8 PDH - Well-being, mental health, body image, sexual health, cyber safety, drug use, road safety, first aid, belonging, equality, inclusion and family. PE - Netball, basketball, cricket, volleyball, touch, softball, soccer, league tag, viva 7’s, indigenous games and international games. Year 9 PDH - Support networks, mental health, risks, decision making, safe partying, alcohol, illicit drugs, relationships, power and diversity. PE - Yoga, relaxation, rock and water, gymnastics, dance, AFL, gaelic football, futsal, European handball and target games. Year 10 PDH - Life challenges, careers, resumes, leadership, road safety, fitness, nutrition and Australia’s health. PE - Coaching, invasion games, fitness testing and summer games.

PASS Aussie sports, resistance training, training principles, training programs, event management, badminton, softball, modified games and cricket.

Mrs Brooke McCann PDHPE KLA Leader

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