Hennessy Catholic College Yearbook 2022

A r t R e p o r t Y e a r 1 2

Students continue to set the goal high and this year’s graduating students have proven this. The dedication to both a conceptual and visual practice is evident. Hours of work have poured into the works of each student to attain a well rounded conceptual practice. Students are now consolidating their learning to gain marks that reflect their practical workmanship.

Mrs McLachlan CAPA KLA Leader

“The Repercussions of Monotony” Through the implementation of the alarming colour red, repeated characters, horizontal lines and intermittent vertical elements that make up the grid-like structure, “The Repercussions of Monotony” successfully expresses the mundane nature of the streetscape to encapsulates the loss of individuality and a lack of social cohesion among masses due to the cycle of everyday life. Thus, this composition visually presents a pessimistic outlook of society from the overall state of wellbeing of individuals in civilisation. CHELSEA HOUSE

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