Hennessy Catholic College Yearbook 2022

“ Learning Dynamically...inspiring futures of hope” TEACHING AND LEARNING

2022 started with much promise as the cloud of COVID was hopefully passing and the disruptions to learning would end. This has proven to be true and it has been wonderful to see students back into a normal routine and able to experience the many additional curriculum opportunities such as incursions and excursions. Six further teachers undertook the Catalyst training and two teachers joined the Lead group so that our learning agenda continues with a more widespread use of several key strategies. These include full participation tactics in which every student contributes to the lesson as well as using hinge point questions to assess learning throughout lessons. Being a learner is also a great experience for teachers as it does place us to look at how we learn and how we then teach. Next year, even more staff will undertake the Catalyst training and we continue to use the many opportunities available to use both online and in person as we develop as a staff. Congratulations to the class of 2022 who achieved exceptional results in the Higher School Certificate with more than 10% of students gaining an ATAR in excess of 90. The College Dux was Amy Knapman who achieved an ATAR of 98.45, was named a NSW All Rounder for achieving a Band 6 in every subject and was also =6th in the State for Studies of Religion 1 - an incredible effort.

Other outstanding results include:

Ethan Smith (97.30) Rylee O’Brien (94.15) Ellie Croker (93.60) Rory O’Brien (93.25) Charlotte Hudson (91.90)

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