Hennessy Catholic College Yearbook 2022

Congratulations Nagle we have finally won the Hennessy Cup in 2022. This has come about because of your involvement in life at Hennessy. Our House has been led by two dedicated Captains; Madeline Wegmann and Charlie Tuckfield and, supported by Nagle Vice Captain Sophie Maloney, have worked continually to build house morale and participation. The year started off with a bang, with Nagle winning the Swimming Carnival through high participation and many Age Champions. Students then continued with active participation with the Cross Country Carnival, Dine and Donate, Melbourne Cup just to name a few. Throughout the year, Nagle students continued to look for opportunities to involve themselves and to live the Nagle motto ‘Not Words but Deeds’. A prime example of this was in the Term 4 SWS sessions. Congratulations to Nagle Year 9 who were the winners and Nagle Year 11’s second. Eliza Taylor was selected in the CCC U/16’s Rugby League team, wearing jersey number 2. On the wing, Eliza was able to display her skill and speed, managing to score a try in the carnival. The team came 2nd in the grand final, with a loss of two points. Congratulations Eliza! Thank you to the Nagle team of teachers who have great strengths, experience and knowledge. Our Nagle team consists of Miss Coffee, Mr Schmidt, Mrs Cronin, Mr Bell, Mr Hem, Miss Buchanan, Mr Bigwood, Mrs Wright, Mr Mitchell and Mrs McCarthy. Their dedication and support to their Pastoral Care class has been greatly appreciated. We welcome Tayla Collins and Sophie Maloney as the Nagle House Captains for 2022/23. They exemplify the Nagle motto ‘Not words but Deeds’ as well as the College motto, 'Live Spiritually, Learn Dynamically, Act Justly... inspiring futures of hope'. Mrs Emily Nowlan ~ Nagle House Leader Special mention to a few students who have excelled this year Gold Award: Mia Davidson & Eliza Taylor Long Tan Leadership Award: Jasmine Sullivan Excellence in Sport: Mia Davidson & Eliza Taylor Nagle House Award: Hugo Davidson & Jasmine Sullivan

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