Hennessy Catholic College Yearbook 2022

It has been wonderful to attract so many talented educators to our community. We also welcomed Miss Rogers who took on various classes for 6 months. Congratulations to those staff who took leave this year - Miss Worner and Miss McLachlan. Mr Conor Quinn (Science), Miss Buchanan (Religion), Mr Mergard (Director of Studies/Acting Assistant Principal), Miss Worner (TAS/VET), Mr Croese (Acting TAS/VET) and Mrs Janice Dunk (Acting Director of Studies) also commenced leadership roles for which we are grateful that they were willing to share their knowledge and expertise with their KLA Teams. Having so much talent without our community continues to be a strength of our learning community. Teachers at Hennessy continue to provide learning opportunities that reflect current research into what works in the classroom. While the past few years have been challenging with home learning, I have continued to be humbled by the effort and dedication each and every teacher has shown to provide quality instruction. The KLA Leaders are always flexible to changing needs and I personally thank each and every one of them for their dedication and support over the years. For me, this is farewell. I will miss Hennessy as I move to another position in 2023, but have thoroughly enjoyed my time here, all the opportunities to develop as a teacher and leader that I have received and the friendships that I have made. Hennessy is a special community, and I would also like to thank the staff, students and their families for making this community such an important part of my life. I sincerely wish the Hennessy community all the very best for the future. Our KLA Leadership team is:

Mrs Hibbert Assistant Principal

Mr Mergard Director of Studies

Miss Buchanan Religious Education

Ms Stadtmiller English/LOTE

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