Hennessy Catholic College Yearbook 2022

As Catherine McAuley stated ‘We should all be shining lamps, giving light to all around us’, and that is what McAuley students did with pride and enthusiasm this year. McAuley students have given up their time to give back to Young and the wider community regularly throughout the year with many students volunteering in assisting with the Young North Food Van and various activities in surrounding schools and towns. In doing so, students were able to connect deeply with real issues within the community - giving back as our House Patron, Catherine McAuley did. This year we were lucky to experience a sense of normality in the school community with house events such as Dine and Donate being able to run as usual (yay!). Dine and Donate is an amazing way to bring together our house community and utilise our incredible Hospitality facilities as well as being a fun opportunity for families and students to enjoy and give back to the community. On the menu this year was Honey Garlic Chicken Stir Fry. In an effort to enhance our PC involvement, SWS sessions ran more regularly with many more fun activities and student interaction. We saw a big improvement in different year group interactions and received much positive feedback from both teachers and students. Social Justice Day was a massive success for McAuley House in Term 3, highlighting Food Poverty in Australia. We ran a successful food drive for the Young Food Hall with over 350 items donated. These donations will go a long way in supporting many local individuals and families in the Hilltops region. As we draw to a close of 2022, we would like to extend our immense gratitude to our House Leader Mrs McGrath who constantly brings our ideas to life and ensures that House spirit is always high, McAuley PC teachers that assist in creating a fun and supportive environment for students, and of course our amazing McAuley students - your constant involvement, enthusiasm, creativity and house pride is why McAuley will always and forever be the superior house of Hennessy! We cannot wait for another massive year of McAuley success. See you next year!

Sienna Capra & Emily Pratt - McAuley House Captains 2022/2023

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