Hennessy Catholic College Yearbook 2022


As my first year at Hennessy draws to a close I have been blessed with being able to witness a truly holistic Catholic Education community in my role as Assistant Principal Mission and Ministry. This year has seen the beginning of many fabulous programs in pastoral care and ministry and the continuation of many excellent resources and relationships within our College and the wider community. The year began with COVID restrictions still in place and cohorting proving to be challenging at times, however, the Pastoral Team rose to the challenge in finding creative ways to still be able to conduct our vertical Pastoral Care classes. We navigated through strike days and strike hours, pupil free days, slept on floors for those less fortunate and kicked off RUOK week with celebration. Our teacher versus student games became show stoppers at break times and we are able to say with pride that the staff of Hennessy Catholic College have walked away victorious from every challenge - especially Netball. At Hennessy Catholic College we are challenged by our motto to 'Seek the Truth'. This year has seen many times where students, staff and parents have had to work together in recognising the face of Jesus in each person as our ultimate truth has been truly wonderful. Our vision statement holds us to account in the ways that we are encouraged to live out the truth in our community. This year we celebrated the theme of 'Living Spiritually'. Although this is sometimes hard to find tangible evidence of in our everyday lives, our focus this year was to be a welcome place of community. Through our ability to live spiritually we concentrated on welcoming the stranger, as a newcomer to Hennessy it is a theme that I have truly felt in being welcomed into such a caring community. Throughout the year we have had many comments on the friendliness and openness of our students and staff who welcome all into our lives. Living spiritually has been really evident in the Pastoral Team at Hennessy. The House Leaders, Emily Nowlan, Luke Miller, Jorja McGrath and Peter Igoe-Taylor and Director of Students Jessica McInerney have shown living spiritually through their thought and care of those around them through their everyday support of the students and families in their care. We celebrated a number of liturgies and masses and were so pleased to be able to join together as a community to worship towards the end of the year.

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