Hennessy College Yearbook 2016

Principal’s Message

Great strides forward in 2016

This year has been another outstanding year for Hennessy Catholic College. As a high achieving school we also embrace a rich co-curricular program. This yearbook is testament to the rich and full story that is Hennessy. Thanks to Mrs Fiona Tanner who has had the main re- sponsibility of pulling it all together but also to all the staff and students who have contribut- ed to the rich tapestry of 2016. 2016 saw another outstanding set of HSC results with continuing good comparative learning gain in the college’s results showing that Hennessy adds value. Our students achieve above expectation and really challenge our community to embrace the reality of a strong ed- ucational option in their midst where their children can be assured of a first class education from K-12, an option often not available to regional communities. This isn’t the case at Hen- nessy. With the first year of our three year strategic plan completed we see even further de- velopment across our main goals ensuring Hennessy remains the outstanding college it is in changing times. The college’s plan is accessible through the website. Our planning in 2017 will see even more work done in the areas of literacy, numeracy, pedagogy and mission. Registration / Review 2016 A major focal point for the college community in 2016 has been the Re- registration Review conducted by Catholic Education CECG. Preparations for this began last March with all compliance material moved into an electronic form for ease of maintenance and review. Given the significant changes in the educational landscape, changes in leadership and policies over time much had to be done to ensure we met all requirements. Connected to this was the significant planning process conducted by the college utilis- ing the ACER National School Improvement Tool including a tenth dimension of Catholicity, which led to the development of our Strategic Plan 2016-18 and annual planning that fol- lowed from that. Consequently when the review was conducted the basis of future direction discussion validated the thorough planning already done.

The review conducted in September this year included Dr Phil Pettit, Mrs Moira Naj- decki, Mr Brad Cooney, Mr Mark Pincott, Mrs Katrina McGrath, all from Catholic Education CECG as well as Mrs Loretta Wholley from Merici College ACT and Mrs Tanya Appleby from Trinity Catholic College Goulburn.


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