Hennessy College Yearbook 2016

It was an extremely successful review with much to praise the college for as can be noted below: Key Commendations The Panel makes the following key commendations: · The College is an authentic Catholic school, with a tangible Christ-centred approach to the growth and wellbeing of students and staff. · The Panel commends the strong, supportive relationships that exist amongst the staff, the Exec- utive and the Parish. · The College Executive, following a period of personnel change, has developed into a cohesive leadership team which is now driving an explicit and detailed improvement agenda. · The College Executive works collaboratively with staff to meet the needs of all students within an atmosphere of high expectations and a supportive environment. · The genuine pastoral care that students and staff show towards one another at Hennessy Catho- lic College and the atmosphere of mutual respect and positive relationships between students and staff which is evident across Years 7-12. · The Teaching staff display their expertise in the fields in which they teach and have very high levels of pedagogical knowledge and skill. They are to be particularly commended for the way they have embraced change in implementing contemporary practices. · Teaching and Support staff have a strong student focus that is centred on the belief in the well- being of the College community, and that all students can learn, and all students have a right to learn to achieve their potential. · Students are articulate about the relational trust with their teachers; they are respectful about the contribution of the teachers to their learning and wellbeing. Students are open to discussing their learning; they are excited about and engaged in their learning experiences. · The students are to be commended for their friendliness, welcoming manner and the way they are able to articulate their learning and talk with pride about their school, their teachers and all that Hennessy Catholic College is able to offer them. The students feel safe and welcomed and are supported and encouraged in their learning. · The Community Council is commended for its support of the Principal and its commitment to providing quality experiences for students and improving College facilities to support contempo- rary teaching and learning. · The use of formative assessment to inform practices across the College is centred on meeting the individual needs of students, and underpins decisions on learning improvement. · The College has a well-defined and explicit focus on continuous improvement in teaching prac- tices throughout the school · The College has a clearly documented whole-school plan for curriculum delivery. The strategies employed to bring clarity about what students are able to do, with high expectations of every stu- dent’s learning, explicit teaching of skills and content, with timely feedback to guide student ac- tion. The panel made recommendations that centred on the need to consolidate the many agen- das begun in improving Hennessy Catholic College, the developing experience of leaders in the college and to deepen the work being done to improve the educational outcomes at Hennessy. The college is proudly registered and accredited for the next five years. Much to be very proud of for the team at Hennessy!

‘Bring Your Own Device’ and Google Classroom. The preparatory work done through 2015 by training them in GAFE (now G Suite) and Google Classroom


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