Yearbook 2018 Final

Principals Report

As 2018 draws to a close, I have been reflecting on what a great year it has been. We

have had many successes, some trials and some sadness.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all in the community for playing such a

key part in continuing to make our school great this year.

Our staff have been working on a professional learning project developing collabora-

tive and collective focus in the direction of teaching and learning, in data management,

in extension projects and in re-envisaging our timetable.

Our staff have embraced and embedded the new vertical pastoral care model this year,

which has been well received and has really begun to make a significant difference in

the life of our school.

Students have been working hard in class to maximise their outcomes, to be in rela-

tionship with each other and to build their futures. They too have engaged fully in the

vertical PC model and they have been representing the school culturally and in the

sporting arena. I am so proud of them.

Our community mourned the loss of past student Nicholas Dewar and our graduating

class of 2017 were able to introduce a commemorative memorial trophy in Nic’s

memory, which was awarded to a member of the Yr 12 graduating class for 2018.

One of the highlights of the calendar year was the Tercentenary celebrations marking

the birth of Nano Nagle. Nano Nagle’s charism informs our school and we pay special

tribute to the Presentation Sisters for establishing Catholic Schooling in our region over

140 years ago. As a community, we were able to celebrate Nano’s birth with the

Presentation sisters and associates. We were blessed to have staff and students from St

Mary’s primary school here in Young, join us for Mass and celebrations to mark this

significant achievement.

Whilst all of the events,

which occurred in the

College over the year,

are too many to name

individually, we have

had a great year. I wish

all in the community a

safe and relaxing holi-

day with family and I

hope that you will re-

turn for 2019 renewed

and refreshed.

Good Wishes


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