Yearbook 2021


We marked the start of the Lenten season with a short but poignant Ash Wednesday ceremony with lots of student involvement. Six weeks later, our Easter Liturgy had a 20- piece choir, and Year 8 art students made lino cuts of the stations of the cross, each of which were projected onto the screens, stark images marking Jesus’ journey to Calvary. Archbishop Christopher Prowse visited us during March also, and he enjoyed speaking with the senior leaders and staff. Two of our Year 9 students Anna Harden and Majella McGrath showed him their PowerPoint presentations on Catholic Social Teaching with which he was very impressed. Harmony Day in March was a wonderful opportunity for interfaith dialogue, led by senior student Jannat Bakri. We held an assembly where we raised money for refugees (through Caritas) and welcomed both Muslim and Christian speakers to articulate what it means to be a multicultural society. Hennessy Day is a huge event for our college, and our Hennessy Day Mass in Term 2 took on the theme of 'I was hungry and you fed me', a theme from Matthew’s Gospel that reminds us that how we treat the least of our brothers and sisters really matters. Our readings all centered around this theme and funds were directed to St Vincent de Paul’s winter appeal. Fr Joe Neonbasu (Assistant Priest at St Mary’s) celebrated the Mass, which had some lovely surprises, including 30 students in the choir, and the appearance at the Gospel Acclamation of Joe Dirt the sheep, a little lamb being raised by Year 8 student Clancy Douglas. Religious Education teachers made a special effort to create unique activities for their classes, and some warrant particular mention. Elizabeth Igoe-Taylor got her Year 8 students making recycled soccer balls for Catholic Mission’s initiative Socktober, and although we were unable to do a whole-school fundraiser due to COVID, the Year 8s did their own radio advertisements advertising the initiative. Year 9 Youth Ministry Classes created their own Homilies, learning about how to make the Gospel relevant to their current day. Other classes wrote letters to Pope Francis, or made online profiles for medieval saints. Ultimately, much effort has been made by our dedicated team to present Religious Education as an engaging, challenging, and relevant subject. Some students have even remarked that this year, for the first time, they have looked forward to attending religion classes. Sincere thanks and blessings to all who have supported these important initiatives throughout the year. God bless you all and may Christ be born in your hearts this Christmas and into the New Year.

Religious Education Leader Beth Doherty

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