Yearbook 2021

Mathematics Report

2021 is rather special: it is the concatenation of two consecutive integers (20 and 21) and also the product of two consecutive primes (43 and 47).

This year, students have developed their skills in mathematics by accessing a mixture of textbooks, worksheets, hands-on activities, Google Classroom, Education Perfect and Mathspace. Well done to all staff and students on showing their resilience during online learning again this year. Congratulations to the 18 students who participated in the ICAS Mathematics Competition this year to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in a wider setting. Also to Jorja O’Brien for her award from Mathspace for continuing to strive to improve. A big thank you to the wonderful Mathematics staff in 2021 for all their efforts this year: Mr Smith, Mrs Nowlan, Mr Fouracre, Miss Chen, Mr Cullen, Mr Krakue and Miss Woods. A special thanks to Mr Fouracre who leaves us to explore new adventures up the coast next year.

On behalf of the Mathematics staff I would like to wish everyone a happy, restful and holy Christmas holiday and to continue to “learn dynamically” in 2022.

Camille Carberry Mathematics Leader

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