Yearbook 2021

TAS/VET Report

Well, what a year! Another Covid interrupted time for us all. I would like to thank and congratulate the teachers and students for the way they have handled some of our time during online learning in our practical subjects. Despite missing some time in our workshops and kitchens, students have produced some fantastic projects/dishes and have been presented with many new experiences. The classes, teachers and units have been listed below along with many pictures to display our students in action. Year 7 - Technology Mandatory Mrs Duff - Food (Fantastic Food) Mr Igoe-Taylor - IT (Programming and drones) Mr Hem - Skylap (Balsa wood planes) Mrs Schiller - Agriculture (Chicken & Egg) Year 8 - Technology Mandatory Mrs Hill - Photography Mrs Schiller - Agriculture (Australian Hamburgers) Mr Igoe-Taylor - Metal (Candelabra) Mr Hem - GoogleSketchup Mr Cullen - Timber (CO2 Dragster) Year 9/10 Food Mrs Duff - Food in Australia, Food Selection & Health, Food Production, Service and Catering

Year 9/10 Timber Mr Hem - Coffee Table and Bedside Table

Year 9/10 Metal Mr Schmidt - G-Clamp, Motorbike Lift Stand, Stool, Tack Hammer

Year 11 Timber Mr Hem - Serving Tray, Wine Table

Year 12 Timber Mr Hem - Major Projects

VET Hospitality (Yr 10, 11 & 12) Miss Worner

VET Construction (Yr 11 & 12) Mr Schmidt

VET Sports Coaching Mr Croese

Mr Mark Schmidt TAS/VET Coordinator

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