Yearbook 2021


Written by Chloe Laybutt & Sarah Miller

This year at the agriculture plot, we've learned a variety of things. We learned how to care for poultry, plant seeds to create beautiful gardens, and so much more. We have expanded our knowledge on topics like garden nutrients and keeping chickens disease-free.

At the start of the year, we became designers and ensured the chickens had a safe and enclosed environment.

The Gardens/Chickens We have been learning a lot about plants and poultry at the Ag plot this year/term. Beginning in the classroom with informational booklets about the parts of the chicken, diseases they can catch, the reproductive system, and the food they require. Also, knowing how to properly care for plants, including what fertilizer to use, what chemicals to avoid, and which ones will aid in the plant's growth. We'd then proceed to the Ag Plot, where all the action takes place! We'd start by weeding, planting small seeds, watching them grow big and healthy, and getting stung by stinging nettles. The Chickens The Ag plot received 30 baby chickens each term. As they grew, we weighed them on a regular basis and replenished their water, food, and bedding. In addition to lots of cuddles. Eventually, we moved them into a larger enclosure with green mesh over the top to keep them from flying out once they reached a certain size. Given their size, they were given wood shavings as bedding, large feeders, and large water containers. We continued to weigh them as they grew, and we were astounded at how big, fast, and ugly they were getting. The Gardens We had set groups at the Ag plot as well. Each group got its own garden bed, as there were a total of six garden beds. There were peas, corn, broccoli, tomatoes, and pumpkin in everyone's garden bed, as well as a few poppies. Our gardens also have plenty of hay to fertilize due to one particular student being very caring! A Big Thank You LPC is to be commended for providing day old chickens to the college chickens each term. The chickens have been a delight. Their specialised breeding and unique genetics has ensure the pullets grow and produce top quality egg laying. The chickens have been weighed every lesson and we were amazed how quickly they have grown. The chickens have found beautiful homes with students and teachers of the college. Thank you also to Ambos Stock Feeds for ensuring our chickens are happy and healthy. A consistent supply of top-quality feed has ensured the chickens grown to optimum growth and laying plenty of eggs.. The feed has ensured Providing us with Chicken Starter Crumble, Layer Mash C, and Scratch Mix on a regular basis! Starting with Light Sussex, French Marans, Australorp, Rhode Island Red, Gold Laced Bantam, and Isa Browns, and ending with Light Sussex, French Marans, Australorp, Rhode Island Red, Gold Laced Bantam, and Isa Browns! We adore our chickens, particularly our lovely black Australorp, who is sly and devious. Always fiddling with your shoelaces to keep you distracted, then sprinting out the gate as you kneel down to re-tie your laces! Duck Duck, our small Indian Runner, and the crazy Guinea Fowl that look a lot like mini penguins at the moment, are also on our list of special ones! Our Breeds of Chickens! The variety of chicken breeds we have is something we are really pleased with.

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