Yearbook 2021

CAFS Report

This year we have seen the growth of the Community and Family Studies (CAFS) course, with two Year 11 classes and one Year 12 class. We welcomed Miss Lucy Woods to the Community and Family Studies team as a teacher, we have really enjoyed her energy and passion for the course. In CAFS we learn about resource management and its role in ensuring individual, group, family and community wellbeing, the contribution of positive relationships of families and communities, the influence of a range of societal factors on individuals, and the nature of groups, families and communities, research methodologies and skills in researching, analysing and communicating skills in the application of management processes to meet the needs of individuals and groups. The students learn skills in critical thinking and the ability to take responsible action to promote wellbeing. Finally, an appreciation of the diversity and interdependence of individuals, groups, families and communities. CAFS is a well-rounded course that allows the students to gain an understanding of the contemporary challenges in our community. Some of the highlights this year were our Kinder Surprise challenge, students had to use communication skills to build the toy whilst blindfolded, the remote learning dress-up challenges, the teamwork when designing wedding dresses and of course our guest speaker from The Big Issue who was a homeless woman who shared her story with us.

We wish our Year 12 CAFS students all the best with their future endeavours.

Mrs McInerney & Miss Woods

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