Yearbook 2021

Art Report - YEARS 7&8

Throughout 2021 years 7 and 8 have a semester rotation between music and art.

Within the visual arts element, the Year 7 classes look at the units of Perspective and Indigenous art. Perspective is looking at the different points of view of images, sculptures and objects. The students are encouraged to participate in interactive drawing experiences following the instructions of an instructional video to create an artwork of both one and two point perspectives. For the second half of Term Three remote learning took place and the students were encouraged to be creative in their thoughts, producing art out of the resources that existed in the environment around them, making houses from anything that they were able to get their hands on both inside and outside the house. They shared their creations in the classroom. For the Indigenous unit, the students were required to complete a survey that would, in turn, give them a totem animal that they were required to develop a scratch art form and then write a story that reflected some facts and fiction related to the indigenous culture, sharing a moral or message for guidance of life. Once they had completed these tasks the students were required to create a double-sided coin or placemat. They implemented the techniques of the previous task and dot painting to produce an indigenous art piece that shared information about Australian flora and fauna.

Mrs Leonie Hill

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