Yearbook 2021

Art Report - YEARS 7&8

Year 8 classes looked at the units of Pop Art and Printing.

The development of a Pop Art piece used the implementation of knowledge and techniques of the impressionism movement for the background, and having the foreground share a message for the audience today through the techniques of Pop Art artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Litchenstein. During lockdown the students were challenged to complete pop art related to the artists of Bansky and Richard Hamilton. They were encouraged to utilise the resources around them using the techniques of these artists. For printing, the students have been asked to create a double sided coin or Olympic medal focusing on Australian fauna and flora. Their assigned tasks were to produce several relief prints in black and colour in order to produce 3 final prints; 1 black and white, one watercolor and the other layered with various colours of monoprints. Once complete the students are required to complete a reduction print where they remove each printed layer of lino to create a textured image of their choice.

Mrs Leonie Hill

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