Yearbook 2021

Art Report - YEAR 12 Another fantastic year where our students' talent and skills has once again catapulted the level to an all time high. Student works encapsulate the world around us in new, innovative ways, instigating thought and reflection.

Amy Knapman

This artwork is a paradoxical subversion of the aphorism, Till Death Us Do Part. Informed by the increase in domestic violence figures during the global Covid-19 pandemic, this piece manifests the deterioration of the ontological self as a result of abuse. The imagery of the Babushka dolls in a diminishing progression encapsulates the fragility of the psyche in the face of coercion and control. Each of the five dolls represent the five women killed globally every hour at the hands of a partner or family member. The symbolic wilting of flowers references the degradation of the self, progressing from the blossoming of a relationship to the eventual withering of an individual.

The work was accompanied by a short film created with stock images that reflects upon the destruction of domestic violence.


Charlotte Hudson

TITLE: "Insanity Reigns" Insanity Rules builds a narrative of unhinged political leaders within an insane asylum. This body of work is fused with references that symbolise the problematic leadership of today’s world leaders. Through this symbolism, these egotistical political personalities are exposed for their biased decisions that often fail to account for the public's best interest. The resultant body of work questions why we still tolerate this patriarchal system of politics today.

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