Yearbook 2021

Art Report - YEAR 12

Alexis Moran My artwork is inspired by the changing landscapes that have dominated this ancient culture for thousands upon thousands of years. I have created a transparent sandbox so the audience too can capture the passage of time as the colours, shape and richness of the landscape changes. The frame of the sandbox depicts Aboriginal symbols representing culturally important matters including family, community, coming together and country. These same representations are evident in my own family and culture. My work has been heavily inspired by Aunty Enid, a proud Wiradjuri woman who sat with me, taught me and shared with me some of her ancient and precious culture. As I release the sand and capture the changing landscape my work will also sadly but importantly demonstrate colonisation’s attempts to denigrate this ancient culture and separate Aboriginal people from their country. This changing landscape also represents our treatment of Mother Earth and our lack of respect for all she represents, a respect, however, that Aboriginal people have always known and maintained.

The work is accompanied by the sandbox which has been painted with the guidance of Aunty Enid, a proud Wiradjuri woman. The work is captured on film.


Claire Jiang A terrible burden

The work reflects upon the practice of Abdul Abdullah with the outlined figures and the cultural blend of Indigenous, Chinese and European influences from the flags, the figures the gold earrings and the Australian Gold Rush to the red envelopes and the Chinese messages. The cultural blending with this work presents a subtlety and exploration into the ideas and concepts presented. The title of the work and the representation of objects are relevant and contemporary.

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