Yearbook 2021

Principal's Report

‘Inspiring futures of hope’ has been the theme for 2021. This is a very appropriate theme in the times we are living in at the moment. COVID has certainly turned our worlds upside down but has also helped us to focus on the things that really matter - our family, our friends and our faith. This year we welcomed many new students, particularly in Years 7 and 11. It has been wonderful to see the way that Hennessy students make new students feel welcome and part of the Hennessy community. Our students also deserve recognition for the way they have adapted to online learning and the various restrictions put in place due to Covid. Special recognition should go to our student leadership team led by Joy Cass and Liam Jewitt. The student leadership team have worked tirelessly to be a student voice and to bring new initiatives to the school such as the Year 12 kitchen area and the quote of the day board as well as many activities and social justice initiatives. The Hennessy staff also deserve a big thank you. They are caring professionals, who no matter what their role, go above and beyond to make each student feel known and cared for. The quality of teaching at Hennessy continues to be outstanding which was clearly shown in our 2020 HSC results and the strong growth evident in NAPLAN results. This year the teachers have worked on the archdiocesan Catalyst initiative to look for ways to further improve their teaching. Thank you to the Community Council who so generously give their time to be a voice for parents and to give advice on school matters. A big achievement this year has been the construction of the Music Room which was made possible with Community Council fundraising contributions. All the best for the next chapter in your lives to those students who are leaving Hennessy to pursue a new career, go to university, go to TAFE or on to a new school. Finally I would like to extend gratitude to those staff who will be leaving us at the end of the year - Mr Chifley, Miss Doherty, Mr Fouracre, Mrs Keith and Mrs Tyrrell. We will miss you and wish you all the best at your new schools. I would also like to thank Father Jiss and Father Joe for their support of the College and to wish Father Joe all the best for his new appointment. Best wishes also to Gary Harton, our Business Manager, who has announced his retirement from the start of 2022. Gary has been a significant person in overseeing and supporting change and growth in the college for nearly two decades. Hennessy is a great school where students can achieve their dreams. It is certainly a place where we ry to live out our Vision to: ‘Live Spiritually, Learn Dynamically, Act Justly … inspiring futures of hope.’

God bless Kathy Holding

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