Yearbook 2021

Nagle House Report

“Not Words but Deeds” 2021 has been an unusual year and I congratulate the way that the Nagle staff and students have come together and shown resilience during another challenging Covid year. Nagle House Captains Mia Hennock and Olivia McLennan supported by Nagle Vice Charlie Tuckfield have worked continually to build house moral and participation, as demonstrated in the swimming carnival. The year started off with a bang, with Nagle winning the Swimming Carnival through high participation and Age Champions. Students then continued with active participation with volunteering for Young North Breakfast with St Vincent de Paul. Throughout the year, Nagle students continued to look for opportunities to involve themselves in. As activities and events were cancelled and online learning became the new normal, the students participated in online scavenger hunts, cooking competitions and dancing competitions. It was wonderful to see the students again getting involved in the activities for Melbourne Cup Day with the obstacle course. This year the college theme was ‘Inspiring Futures of Hope’ and Nagle students achieved many individual and group accolades in 2021. These include participation in College Liturgies, national academic competitions, sporting teams and social justice indicatives like Hangout for the Homeless. I encourage students to continue to seek opportunities both within Hennessy and once they leave our college to create a better future Thank you to the Nagle team of teachers who have great strengths, experience and knowledge. This year we welcomed Miss Coffee to N1 as Mr Bigwood stepped up into the role as McAuley House Leader, while Mrs McGrath was on maternity leave. Our Nagle team consists of Miss Coffee and Mr Bigwood, Mr Schmidt, Mrs Cronin, Mr Bell, Mrs Hem, Miss Buchanan, Miss Riley, Miss Doherty, Mrs Schiller and Mrs McCarthy. Their dedication and support to their Pastoral Care class has been greatly appreciated. We welcome Madeline Wegmann and Charlie Tuckfield as the Nagle House Captains for 2021/22. They not only exemplify the Nagle motto but the College motto, Live Spiritually, Learn Dynamically, Act Justly.

Mrs Emily Nowlan Nagle House Leader

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