Yearbook 2021

Our NAPLAN results show consistent growth in Year 9 students in every domain and our scaled growth is higher than the State and similar schools. The diagrams below reflect our results (our school is green; similar schools are black and the state is red).


Our Year 9 students have made incredible grounds in writing (see diagram below) - no doubt the impact of having a consistent and comprehensive writing strategy (PEEL) which was introduced school wide in 2019 when these students were in Year 7.

2019 Year 7 2021 Year 9

Year 7

Year 7 results continue to reflect results from their last 18 months of primary school and the first term of high school. It is often difficult to gauge where students are at in their literacy and numeracy skills when they arrive at Hennessy and the data is very helpful in understanding areas to target to assist their learning.

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