Yearbook 2021

Peer Support

Peer Support took place in Term 1 this year. Our Peer Support Leaders from Year 10 started the year by meeting their new Year 7 students at the pool on the first day back at school for some fun in the sun. From then on, the Peer Support Leaders met with their group of Year 7 students each week to teach them how to read their timetable, how to use google classroom and how to find their way around the school. In other sessions during peer support, the Year 7 students participated in hands-on activities that explored concepts such as resilience, respectful relationships and anti bullying. Students also had the chance to participate in Clean Up Australia Day and a large range of sports and games throughout our weekly Peer Support sessions. Here are some tributes from the Peer support Leaders and their experiences: Peer Support has provided us opportunities to become friends and mentors to people who we may not normally interact with. It’s presented us with a chance to be more involved within the community in events like Clean Up Australia Day. It was interesting to learn how different students experienced and coped with their high school transitions. Peer Support has allowed us as older students to share our knowledge and assist the younger students in adapting to high school life. The laughter and fun was very rewarding and the program was overall a very enjoyable experience. Dear Peer Support, I found you to be very rewarding. You taught me valuable communication and leadership skills that will help me in the future.

- Elisabeth Hall, Hayley Grotegoed, Ryan Blake.

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