Yearbook 2021

Awards Program - The College strives to challenge students to be their best selves and rewards positive student behaviour through the College Awards System. The Awards system was overhauled this year and focused on the College’s vision statement. This allowed many students to be acknowledged for the fantastic work they do both inside and outside the classroom. Thank you to Mrs. Dunk for all her efforts in putting together the College awards system, she tracked and recorded each student and every activity they did in 2021. Lockdown Part 2 - The Hennessy community is much more than the bricks that make up the school, it is the people. Again this year’s lockdown highlighted the strength of our community. As part of continuing to build community, the House Leaders contacted every family to touch base and offer support. Lock down also saw students move online for Year Assemblies –via Teams and as part of SWS. These meetings included quizzes, scavenger hunts and dressing up. These were also an important part of staying connected as a community. Cyber Safety – A focus for the College this year was ensuring that students were safe online. As part of this focus we engaged the services of the Cyber Safety group. They surveyed every year level, reported back to each year level concerns raised on a year level basis. They also spoke to staff and parents to ensure that the entire Hennessy community was supported. Working with the Cyber safety Program, we had Senior Constable Shanelle Lockett present to years 8, 9 and 10. She spoke about a variety of topics that were targeted each particular year group. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the Hennessy community who has made my time here so enjoyable and enriching. As I have often said to the students the greatest part of Hennessy is the students and this continues to be the case, but the students are a reflection of their parents and the guidance of the College staff. Hennessy is a great community and I say that as a teacher and a parent of a past student. My Tom on his first day at Hennessy stated that "Dad, I walked across the playground and 3 teachers knew my name and who I was. I spent 4 years at my old school and nobody knew me”. That has stuck with Tom and myself and we have been truly privileged to be part of this wonderful community and will greatly miss it. Movember - Year 12 again supported Movember this year. As always the focus was on raising awareness of issues in men’s mental health. All the boys added to their good looks!

Goodbye, Good Luck and God Bless

Mark Chifley Assistant Principal - Mission and Wellbeing

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